Van Gogh

Van Gogh art glass is manufactured by painting clear, glue chip glass with magnificent acrylic colors then sealing those colors with black paint. Authentic Van Gogh glass is manufactured by one company in the US in small batches. This means there might be slight color variations from my photo and from order to order. I highly recommend purchasing enough for your project in one order. If you are not certain how much you might need, please contact me. This stained glass is ~1/8" thick and is suitable for indoor use where there is no direct moisture contacting it. It is best used on a solid background (not backlit). These are individual tiles that are not adhered to sheets or mesh. Please note that each order is custom cut by hand (very slight size variations in size might occur because of this). I usually photograph the glass in full sunlight to highlight it's brilliance. Please let me know if you need a photo taken in indirect light. A mosaic artist favorite! Made in North Carolina.
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